The bad guys get mobile

In an ideal world there would be no need to educate, help, discuss and inform smartphone users about the nasty side of software which followed them from the desktop to the smart phone, tablet or other mobile device they use.

Smartphone Virus CureThe Smartphone Virus site is a central resource which, we hope, plays its part in the digital arms race facing pretty much any software enabled device available.

That's right - it's a sobering thought that if something can run software, it can catch a virus. There are many ways to combat this, such as not enabling new software to be loaded at all by write-protecting the device, right through to attempting to restrict which new software can be installed such as locking down an app store.

The bottom line is the devices don't know nor care if the software added is good or bad - it's all just software. So it's up to humans to recognise the bad stuff and do something about it - ideally by preventing it getting there in the first place.

Forewarned is forearmed.

If a user knows of a threat they can avoid it, so it follows the virus/malware authors are relying on stealth. If we, and by extension the users of this site, can identify and spread the word about new and existing virus threats before they hit, we are most of the way there towards stopping them.

That's where we come in - and hopefully you too. If you share this vision, please tip us, use the comments, read and link to the articles and together we can help prevent the spread of this evil scourge.

Smartphone viruses are a real headache - let's work together at snuffing them out.