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No Tizen smartphone viruses reported

News this week that Samsung has launched its first two Tizen handsets in India was greeted with mild curiosity by the smartphone industry, and naturally how it tackled the various issues faced by the existing platforms was of interest.

In a not entirely tongue-in-cheek tone, one observer pointed out that at least it doesn't have any smartphone viruses aimed at it - yet. This got us thinking - just what is the security model for Tizen like? Surely it can benefit from the experience of the existing systems and take the best approaches from them, since it is quite literally starting with no legacy baggage.

Apps need two signatures

A very interesting feature is that unlike Android, which requires just one signature (the developer) to sign its Apps, Tizen needs two - the author and the distributor. This in theory can allow multiple authorized App stores, whilst combating malware by forbidding sideloading totally. In practice, this looks to be aimed at the carriers, since each could have an app store serving their customers only.