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Windows smartphones safe from virus attacks - for now

Fewer users make it less of a target

It has long been a criticism of the Windows range of smartphones that there exists fewer apps overall than its larger competitors, let alone ant-virus/security software. Yet this currently being turned on its head by the argument that - as of now - no viruses have been identified which target the platform.

In fact the largest threat to them currently are fake alerts and scams which scare users into revealing personal info - phishing attacks - sent via email in the same way these are sent as ordinary emails to other systems.

It's altogether different to the Microsoft approach to the PC world, where security alerts are raised every week adn a heathly third party ecosystem exists for anti-malware developers. Is it just a matter of time before this arms race moves to the Windows smartphone platform?

Windows phone 8 malware features

The first line of defence is the Windows Phone App store - aka the "walled garden". This is comparable to the iPhones app store, and to some extent to the Google Play Store although they are less stringent with the control regarding which software it permits to be listed. However, as with all app stores, it is only a matter of time before some clever hacker manages to upload malware bypassing these checks.

Sideloading and rooting are common practices amongst rivals to, but there is very little activity regarding this when it comes to the Windows phone platform at the moment.

So, it does appear users are safe at the moment - what do you hink? Please, voice your opinion in the comments below.