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Godless Android

Hits Lollipop or earlier

Android users are on alert for a dangerous new family of malware which has been given the name "Godless", after being detected as ANDROIDOS_GODLESS.HRX.

Experts warn this is particularly worrying since it has the ability to root, and therefore gain complete control, over affected devices. Godless doesn't even use a single attack vector, instead making use of multiple explots and aiming at Lollipop or older - that equates to 90% of todays Android handsets.

Infected devices are turned into slave bots awaiting instructions from the attackers command-and-control system. Since these devices could be rooted, this means backdoors, keyloggers and any number of unwanted apps can be remotely installed.

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On April 12th, 2016 the internet changed forever

Let's Encrypt free SSL certificates now available for all websites

As the whole internet moves gradually towards total end-to-end encryption, Let's Encypt gave this process a massive boost on April 12th 2016 when they announced their free SSL certificate program left beta.

This is crucially important for various reasons. So many current and future attacks are immediately rendered null and void the instant SSL is enabled that it's worth doing as a matter of urgency.

Furthermore, Google recognize this so announced some time ago that if a site is SSL secured, it will feature higher in its search engine rankings. When determining how high a site gets, it uses various "signals", and with encryption joining mobile-friendliness it's something every site owner needs to be aware of.

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Galaxy S5 battery explodes on camera!

Hammer smash test

We've all heard the stories of cellphone batteries exploding, but not many have been caught on video in the wild.

Youtube user TechRax was conducting a torture test on a Samsung Galaxy S5 with a knife and a hammer when the battery literally exploded, spewing heat and chemicals all around.

His startled reaction is priceless, and most would say he got what he deserved, but now at least we can see exploding cellphone batteries are a real thing.

An extreme way to blast away viruses too!

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Chinese hackers bribe mobile gaming company

Malware whitelisted

A sophisticated scam involving bribes, a legitimate anti-virus company, mobile apps and stenography has been uncovered in China.

This was not your usual malware attack.

In a multi-pronged operation, the first part was for the attackers to get Qihoo 360, the largest anti-virus company in China, to whitelist several malicious apps. They did this using social engineering techniques, which leveraged past business relationships in order to get them to abuse their trust.

The apps had to be on this whitelist because they had a very specific purpose in mind...